PoE and Data Switches

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Data and PoE Switches

Cost Saving PoE Technology gives steady power and a seamless
network connection to compatible devices—no electrician required.

PDM Powered Device Monitor


  48-Port Gigabit PoE Switch



Things to consider:

How many devices do you need to connect? That’s how many ports you’ll need—16-Port Poe Switch, 24-Port PoE Switch, etc.


Let's best to have a few extra ports for devices you may add later. Then, consider if you want to be able to manage the switch remotely over an Internet connection (with a managed switch) or in-house (unmanaged switch).


Determine if you need gigabit or Fast Ethernet speed—and select a Gigabit PoE Switch or Fast Ethernet Switch.




Connects Devices
To Your Network
For Up To Forty-Eight
PoE Devices
SFP+ 10 GbE Power Budget:
More than 400 Watts



PoE Switch Overview



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Powered Device Monitor

(Intellinet PDM) feature keeps an eye on connected PoE devices and RESTARTS them in case they stop responding.

  • Monitors connected PoE devices such as IP surveillance cameras, Wireless Access Points or VoIP phones
  • Restarts any device that fails to respond or send out network traffic after a certain amount of time
  • Easily define the timeout value via the Web UI



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